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As part of our Personal Protection services, we offer Anti-Kidnapping services and training for individuals, using our vast experience and expertise in the International Security field.


This is completely different and separate from the Anti-Kidnapping training delivered to Close Protection Operatives and is aimed at the at-risk individuals themselves or those responsible for the security of these individuals.


The services and training are tailored to the needs of the particular person and are discreetly delivered based on their own environment (at home and/or at work). As such, the delivery is on an individual, one-to-one basis. The duration and content is dependent on the threat and the particular Client’s circumstances as well as the time available and can incorporate modules from other training, such as defensive driving and firearms 


The service basics generally consist of:


·         Risk Assessment


·         Risk Management Study


·         Pattern of Life Assessment and Risk Mitigation





·         Threat Identification (including surveillance identification and counter-surveillance drills)


·         Situational Awareness


·         Anti-Kidnapping techniques


·         Conduct and behaviour in a kidnap scenario


·         Escape and Evasion


·         Kidnapping and hostage taking methods and scenarios introduction


·         Travel security


This is the only commercially available anti kidnapping service designed and delivered for the individual (and their immediate circle) and tailored specifically to their particular environment and threat profile

For  more  information and advice about this course please contact us for a no obligation, confidential consultation and discussion at Alternatively you can ring our office. For this enquiries can be accepted initially anonymously.



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