Intelligence training and qualifications

Introduction to Intelligence

This is a simple to understand course designed to introduce the learner to the basic principles, terms and practices of Intelligence, in both state/military and commercial/business domains.

It is aimed at anyone wishing to gain a good foundation in the subject in order to further their study or employment within it, anyone using Intelligence products and anyone just wishing to expand their knowledge and understanding of this discipline.

For this, it uses ‘first principles’, so there is no requirement for the learner to have any previous knowledge of or qualifications on the subject.

It is designed by professionals with many years’ experience in working in the Intelligence field, so it is based on both deep knowledge of the theory, but also extensive grasp of the practical aspects involved.

Modules include: Introduction to Intelligence, Principles of Intelligence, the Intelligence Cycle, Strategic and Operational Intelligence, Intelligence Analysis, Counter Intelligence, Security Intelligence etc.

On completion of this course the learner is awarded an attendance certificate

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