Triangle Security was established in 1981 in the UK to provide Corporate Security Services to Industry and Commerce. Through the years, the Company has grown and has acquired an enviable reputation for the quality of its services and personnel. Our Client base includes Governments, International Corporations, Commercial and Industrial entities and High Value Individuals/VIPs.

Our International Corporate Security Services have been operating since 1990, providing Clients with comprehensive, tailored, integrated Security Solutions, including:

·         Anti terrorism

·         Contingency and Emergency planning, including Business Continuity                and Redundancy measures

·         Country Intelligence and Risk Studies

·         Critical Infrastructure Protection and Studies

·         Due Diligence Research, Studies and Investigations

·         Information Security

·         Personal Protection

·         Physical Security

·         Risk Management

·         Security Audits

·         Security Investigations

·         Special Events Planning and Management

·         Specialist Security Training

·         Staff Security, Selection and Vetting

All of our International consultants are experts with extensive operational experience in the UK Special Forces and/or Intelligence and Security Organisations. They have subsequently worked in the commercial sector, thus gaining unique cutting edge skills and experience that can be effectively applied to enhance security and safety.

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