Our relevant staff are acknowledged experts with many years operational experience in Anti Terrorism in both Government and Commerce. They have served in UK Special Forces and/or Military Intelligence and have global view and understanding of the subject.


We analyse and assess the Threat to a particular Client, taking into account the nature of their business, their corporate profile, location, clients etc.


We can carry out Anti Terrorist Surveys of an Organisation, their personnel, premises

and methods and help design effective Protection Measures as part of an integrated

Risk Management Plan. As part of this, “hardening” measures and procedures against specific types of attack can be devised and implemented.


Risk Management and Contingency Planning can be effected to help the Client carry out their operations efficiently and securely, by minimising injury, loss, damage and disruption caused by terrorist incidents or even disruptive security measures.


We can train a Client’s own staff in Anti Terrorism procedures and methods to any degree required as well as general Security Awareness.


The Threat would be continually monitored and evaluated and appropriate measures advised to take into account its continuous evolution.


With our vast experience and expertise in the International Security field we can produce Country Intelligence Studies to establish and detail the Threat in different parts of the world where the Client may have a footprint in or intends to conduct business. These can be included in any potential Due Diligence or Risk Management Study.

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