We are proud to announce that, in line with current trends, we have started offering our specialised courses online too! These, like the physical courses, are designed by subject matter experts with many years experience in their respective fields. They are designed to offer the best training and accurate information available and to be easily comprehended.

Courses are available for both current professionals in their field and those with no previous knowledge or experience of a subject

There are a number of these,  and we intend to keep adding to demand. Have a browse for the right course for you by clicking HERE

For any further information, help and advice (including in choosing the right courses for your needs) contact us on



We provide Specialist Security Training Courses for a variety of Government and Corporate Organisations worldwide.

These Courses are tailored to the specific needs of the Client and are delivered by specialists in the particular field, with many years operational and teaching experience in the subject.

Many of the Courses designed for Government Clients are “closed”, i.e. available only for duly accredited individuals of a particular service (e.g. specialist Police or Military units).

They range from specialist tactical courses (firearms, methods of entry etc.) to surveillance, intelligence collection and management and others. The courses are usually delivered at the Client’s location.

Please contact us to discuss specific requirements in complete confidence.

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