Failure to take account of Security risks can seriously impact business by causing severe disruption and exposing employees and clients alike to danger and inconvenience

This in turn leads to other effects such as damage to Corporate name, reputation and general business confidence, damage to staff morale with consequential effect on performance, increase in operating costs etc.

Triangle Security International produces Security and Risk Assessments, providing an analysis of Security Threats that may affect the Client’s operating aims. We then design an effective and proactive Risk Management and Contingency Plan for their business

We identify and assess threats to the client from competitors (Industrial Espionage, Intellectual Property, Patents), Crime, Terrorism, major accidents and natural phenomena or any other identified threat and formulate a Risk Management Plan, taking into account the Client’s circumstances, needs, threat level, facilities and budget. We then assist the Client to implement their Risk Management Strategy and Contingency Planning and are able to manage it on their behalf if required



Each Organization has integral parts of its infrastructure without which it cannot continue to function. Protection of these critical parts is essential. Triangle Security International can help identify and protect these vital elements as well as help establish procedures to mitigate their loss.

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a process that helps manage risks to the smooth running of an organization or delivery of a service, ensuring continuity of critical functions in the event of a disruption, and effective recovery afterwards.

Good BCM helps organizations identify their key products and services and the threats to these. Planning and exercising minimizes the impact of potential disruption. It also aids in the prompt resumption of service helping to protect market share, reputation and brand. In order to be successful, BCM must be regarded as an integral part of an organization’s normal on-going management processes



We evaluate existing installations, premises, security practices and procedures. We then produce recommendations on use of resources, policies and procedures, in order to achieve the required level of security and achieve the aims of the Risk Management Plan.

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