This is a high intensity course designed to introduce students to the Theory and Drills required by a CP


The course consists of both theory and practical sessions, teaching the latest techniques used by CP Operators today, taking into account threat profiles that may be encountered anywhere in the world.

This is a graded course, with students being assessed on all aspects of their performance, as well as their attitude, aptitude and ability. Students will be expected to work hard and perform both as part of a team and as individuals.

 Students passing this course will be able to work as part of a CP team or as individuals assigned to a principal. They will be able to deal with a number of principal profiles, including business persons, politicians, show business personalities & celebrities etc. The course syllabus includes:

  • UK licensing review
  • Personal Security
  • The Close Protection Team
  • Terrorist Attacks
  • Threat & Threat Assessment
  • Venue Security
  • Searching Premises
  • Travel Security
  • Vehicle Security & Searching
  • Embus & Debus drills
  • Route Selection & Reconnaissance
  • Vehicle Escort Procedures
  • Anti Ambush Drills
  • Walking Drills
  • Bomb Awareness & Recognition
  • Weapons
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Unarmed Combat & Fitness
  • Surveillance
  • Command & Control
  • Communications

NEW: We can now offer the theory & drills of this course as on line learning. The student is awarded a relevant Certificate on completion. CLICK HERE to go to our online training portal 


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