These courses are aimed at personnel in the Maritime Security Industry. They provide Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) with certification that they have carried out successfully a rifle handling and shooting package in order to be deployed in the High Risk Areas. The awarded certificate (MFCC) is valid for one year and fulfils IMO’s Guidance Note MSC.1/Circ. 1405/Rev.2 25 May 2012.(4.7) requirements.The MFCC is also a requirement of all International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Provider Companies (ICCPSSPC) engaged in the Maritime Security sector It enables the bearer to seek work with any accredited Security Company engaged in providing PCASPs.



Firearms refresher course


This is aimed at personnel who have not handled a firearm recently and wish to be brought up to the required standard to be awarded the MFCC and to be deployed as PCASP.


The course is of two days duration and covers:


Weapon familiarisation


Weapons Handling Test (WHT)


Marksmanship principles


Firing positions


Live firing at varying ranges, individually and with spotter. This includes instruction and coaching on grouping and weapon zeroing. All live firing is with full bore 7.62mm weapons.



MFCC test and certification


This is aimed at personnel who are currently operating at PCASP, have current weapon handling and marksmanship skills and wish to update these and renew their MFCC. This is a one day course, covering:


WHT demonstration, refresher, update and test


Refresher and update of marksmanship principles


Refresh, update and practice of firing positions  


These are pass or fail tests. Depending on circumstances, a failed student can be coached to achieve a pass standard.


Instruction is carried out by qualified UK Forces Skill at Arms instructors.


Courses take place in Greece, in order to comply with firearms legislation. For details of dates and costs please contact us at


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