Anti-kidnapping training courses

Kidnapping Awareness & Prevention

This course is designed for anyone interested in their own security and who feels that they may be the victim of an attack. It is also an ideal foundation on the subject for security professionals.

It is devised by Law Enforcement professionals with many years of international operational experience of the subject and deep knowledge of the methodologies of both the authorities and perpetrators involved.

Modules include: Children, Dealing with visitors, Duties of organisations and companies, Extortion, Hostage taking, How to behave in a hostage situation, Kidnap prevention, Personal attacks, Preparing for an attack, Protection of information, Security at home, Security awareness, Travel security, Vehicles, Vigilance, What happens in a hostage situation

Also included are handy checklists and a simple Aide Memoir

On completion of this course the learner is awarded an attendance certificate

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